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4 Best LOCAL Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokers 2023 Ratings

4 Best LOCAL Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokers

These are the 4 best local flat fee MLS listing companies in Ohio. The reason we are ranking local companies is because these are the brokers who are the boots on the ground actual people with years of experience selling property in Ohio every day. These are the brokers who must adhere to Ohio real estate laws and are held accountable by the Ohio Division of Real Estate. These are the people who live where you live.


Third party referral companies are often large internet companies with fancy websites that advertise flat fee MLS listings. They collect your money and you get assigned to an unknown realtor who usually has additional fees either upfront and/or at closing. With third party sites you often don’t know what you’re getting until after you have already paid for the service. There are many of these types of internet sites popping up and most are not real estate companies that are required to follow government regulations. Some are under investigation by the real estate commission and are not even based in the United States. Beware of these types of flat fee listing services.

OHIO FLAT FEE MLS companies have been around for many years. More and more home sellers are realizing they do not need to pay high 6% commissions to sell their property. Our flat fee service is designed to get you maximum marketing exposure through the MLS and hundreds of other websites while saving you thousands of dollars in fees. You can read more about our different flat fee listing plans here or read our FAQ page here.

Here are 4 Best LOCAL Flat Fee MLS Listing Brokers in Ohio

Flat Fee Listing Company Price Additional or Hidden Fees 100% Online Offer Management Showing Service Maximum Photos Allowed 5 Star Zillow Reviews Buyer Lead Forwarding Free Unlimited Changes
Ohio Team Results $299 to $999 None
most plans
Chosen Real Estate Group $199 to $849 Unknown
Ohio Property Group $297 to $997 Extra fee for rush order/changes
most plans
Ohio Broker Direct $199 to $799 Additional Fees Charged




Scott Marvin is a local Ohio broker with over 20 years as a licensed real estate agent. He and his team have negotiated thousands of closings all over Ohio. Their decades of experience will insure you have a successful transaction and their reviews prove it. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck and proven results then this is your pick. Unlike a 3rd party referral site you will know exactly who you are working with and will have direct access to Scott and his team. Scott and Team Results Realty believe they have the best listing packages available. If you find something better they will beat any other offering. Their packages start at $299 and go to $999 for a full service listing. All of their packages allow max photos, same day service, unlimited changes, and all documents needed to sell your property without extra fees.



Nick Huscroft is the Principal Broker of Chosen Real Estate Group. According to the Ohio Division of Real Estate Nick received his broker license in 2022 and has been offering flat fee listings through his brokerage since that time. Chosen Real Estate group offers 3 packages ranging from $199 to $849. Chosen Real Estate Group does not charge for changes and we know of no known hidden fees. They are not fully automated and limit photos to 25 but they offer some competitive packages.



Glenn Whitten of Ohio Property Group has been in the real estate business for about 20 years and has been doing the flat fee model for most of that time. Ohio Property Group does a large volume of flat fee business in Ohio and has plenty of real estate experience. Their turn around time is within 48 hours. Offer/counter-offer forms and response templates are not included with their basic plan, so additional services will be necessary. Glen his wife and children run the business and he will be the first to tell you that he’s the most fortunate person on the planet.


With 4 decades of experience and millions of dollars in sold real estate Joan Elfein of Ohio Broker Direct is one of the original flat fee brokers in Ohio. They offer 4 plans ranging from $199 to $799 with lots of extras and add on options for an additional charge.  Ohio Broker Direct also list commercial properties in the commercial real estate exchange. Their basic plan allows only 1 photo but their upgrade plans allow the maximum photos allowed in the MLS. Listing changes will come at an extra cost or no cost depending on the price of plan you chose.

We can’t stress enough the importance of using a local flat fee broker. As mentioned above all of these flat fee MLS brokers are located in Ohio and licensed in Ohio. They all meet the State of Ohio requirements to list properties in the MLS. The only way a property can be listed in the MLS is through a licensed real estate broker. You are in good hands with any of these flat fee listing brokers.

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Is a Flat Fee MLS Listing the same as a regular MLS Listing

Is a Flat Fee MLS Listing different from a regular MLS Listing?

The quick answer to this question is a flat fee MLS listing is no different than a traditional listing. A flat fee MLS listing looks just like all the other listings in the MLS. However, the service you are getting from the listing broker can vary depending on the agreement you have with the listing brokerage. Here are some things you should know.

About the different MLS’s

All flat fee MLS listing companies should use the local MLS to list your property. If they are not then you are not getting a true MLS listing for your location. There are national MLS’s available where your property can be listed and it will show up on 3rd party websites like Zillow and but it will not show up in the local MLS where local real estate agents and their buyers are looking for homes. It is very important that your flat fee listing be listed on the MLS that serves your region or it will likely not be seen by the buyers in your location. (At Team Results Realty we always list your property in your local MLS so you don’t miss any buyers)

Will my flat fee listing look the same as other listings?

YES it will look exactly the same as far as the public display goes. Nobody will be able to tell it is a flat fee listing except for real estate agents looking in the MLS. In many cases even the real estate agent will not know the difference depending on the type of service you are getting from your flat fee listing broker.

There are 3 basic types of flat fee listing.

MLS Entry Only

An MLS entry only listing is just as it sounds. Once the listing broker places your listing in the appropriate MLS their services have basically ended. Other than some price changes or certain tweaks to the listing the service is complete. In most cases you as the seller will sign a waiver of duties statement removing the listing broker from all of the normal duties they would perform as a listing agent. Once your listing is activated you will represent yourself and handle all of the duties such as showings, offers, contracts, negotiations, etc on your own. Basically you are own your own once the property is listed.

Limited Service

This listing is much like and MLS Entry Only except the broker may offer some additional services such as showing support or counseling on the sale. Typically you will handle your own sale with a limited service listing but the broker could assist in some ways.

Full Service Flat Fee MLS

This is a full service MLS listing just like if you hired a traditional real estate company to sell your property. While some of the listing process may be automated you will receive full representation from your listing agent. They owe to you and will perform the same duties that a traditional real estate agent will do. With a full service flat fee MLS listing you should expect the listing broker to help you with pricing, manage the showings, negotiate the sale, handle all paperwork, work through inspections, and ultimately close the sale. (At Team Results Realty we offer all three of these listing plans)

Hopefully this information helps you understand how a flat fee listing works with the MLS. A flat fee listing is a true MLS listing just like all other MLS listings. More and more people are beginning to realize that they can utilize the power of the MLS through a flat fee listing broker to sell their property and save lots of money in commissions. If you have questions about our listing plans please give us a call.

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How to List on the MLS without a REALTOR

how to list on the mls without a realtor

How to List on the MLS without a REALTOR

If you are in the market to sell your home then you understand how powerful the Realtor MLS can be when marketing your home. The MLS syndicates your property listing to hundreds of real estate website within minutes of being listed in the MLS. So you are probably wondering how to list on the MLS without a Realtor.

The answer is you can’t…. However there is a way to get on the MLS and pay a very low fee to a listing broker.

First I should explain that the MLS is a listing database used by licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents. Brokers and Agents have to obtain a license and complete many hours of training before they can use the MLS. Brokers and Agents are also required to complete many hours of continuing education and pay monthly and annual membership fees to use the MLS. For this reason the MLS will only allow licensed agents and brokers to list in the MLS.

There is a Solution for you

We offer a very low flat fee MLS listing. Our lowest fee to get on the MLS is only $299. This is a full MLS listing and will appear just like all other MLS listings. Your contact information will be placed in the MLS and all buyers leads are sent directly to you. Real estate agents will see your name and phone number in the MLS and will know to call you direct. Buyers will NOT be able to tell that your listing is different from all the other MLS listing. Your listing will be displyed on 100’s of websites like Zillow and and will give your property massive exposure that you can’t get from a regulare FSBO listing.

You can also offer a commission to the buyer’s realtor if you choose but this will not be shown on your MLS listing. All commissions are negotiable and can be negotiated in the purchase contract outside of the MLS listing.

One more thing to mention

If the buyer does not have an agent you do not pay any buyer agent fees. However you can utilize our optional easy offer plan to help facilitate the sale or if you choose you can do it all on your own.

This is a great solution for sellers who want to do For Sale By Owner (FSBO), save money and utilize the MLS to sell their home.

Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans - Team Results Realty
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